Patboy Platform
Collecting Patcards
Patplayers can collect Patcards by either buying or tabbing them from other Players or creating new Patcards that don't exist yet. Patplayers store Patcards in their deck using the Patboy Hustler app which give them cool features like sharing images from the model with friends to getting private acccess to exclusive content uploaded by the model.

When acquired a Patcard By Tabbing it in the Hustler App

When a Patplayer has acquired a new Patcard from the Game by Tabbing it he is actually renting it from another Patplayer by paying a fee for it. The fee a Player needs to pay is set by the model from her own console. Once a Patplayer has Tabbed a Patcard he has the following access rights.
  • Viewing personal details, images and video's on the card.
  • Able to share images from the model with friends outside the game like Whatsapp or Facebook

When acquired a Patcard By Buying it on the Market

When a Patplayers has acquired a new Patcard from Buying it he is actually the owner of the trader's License Agreement. This gives him additional preferences on top op the the preferences when Tabbing a Pat. By buying the license the player is free from charges for content and can only earn profits as he is a shareholder of the Patcard.
  • Viewing exclusive content only for owners by the model.
  • Ability to be in direct contact with the modell
  • Ability to Sell or Trade the Patcard with or to another Patplayer.
  • Not having to pay a daily or monthly fee to rent the Patcard