Hustler Game Play
With the Patboy Hustler App, Patplayers have multiple options how to sel, buy or trade Patcards.

Mining Patcards (Creating new Patcards)

Mining Patcards is a sensitive process which involves using the app and getting in touch with the model in real life in order to make it succeed. The Mining Process can be divided in the following 4 chapters.

Tabbing a Patcard from Patworld

Patplayers can Tab Patcards in the Patboy app or from the public Patcard (online) in order to acquire the Patcard in their deck! In order to complete this they need to pay a recurring or one time fee in order to get the Patcard in their deck and acquire access to get the services, images and or video's provided by the Gmodel.

Buying or selling Patcard from or to another Patplayer

When a Patplayers buys or sells his Patcard to another Patplayer the owner rights of the Traders License Agreement will be transferred. This will give the new owner the privileges' like free access to all the content and more.

Trading Patcard(s) with other Patplayers

Patplayers can trade Patcards which they own with other Patplayers which wil save them transfer fees charged by Patboy. Patplayers are able to make trading offers to other Patplayers offering multiple Patcards at the same time.