Patboy Platform
The Patshop is a online trading hub for players and investors to exchange cards. The Portal provides funny statistics (for instance in which country the most women are with Water Melon Size Breats), price and ownership history of cards and the profits that were made , the total volume of Patbeez circulating, opportunities to by Patbeez and invest.. and much more will be added for entertainment and profitable purposes.
The Patshop displays all the Patcards active in the Platform and links to their individual portal where visitors can get access to exclusive content by tabbing (getting a membership) on the card as a follower.
Most popular and recently added Patcards are displayed showing our Pick on Patcards that are a great invesment. The Patshop portal allows visitors to directly access a Patcards by Paying the Tab Fee with or without using the Hustler App and get additional information on how to become a Patplayer, buy Patbeez and receive the latest news about the Platform.
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