Authorizing Patcards

Patcards need a the authorization of the Model before they can be activated in the Game and added to the Platform as an Collectable Item. Once a Patplayer has created a Patcard reference which has been approved he will receive a message with the invitation link for the model to approve the Patcard.
Once a model has authorized the Patcard reference, the Patplayer who created the Patcard will be offered the opportunity to buy the Patcard for the index price set by Patboy. In order to pay for the auction a Patplayer need to own Patbeez which he can earn or buy from his user console on the blockchain.
A Patplayer has 72 hours to complete the auction or he will lose the opportunity do become the owner of the Patcard and the Patcard will be auctioned to other Players in Patboy Card Game.