What is a Patcard

A Patcard is a unique representation of the social image of a talented Girl which has to be active on social media (Instagram mandatory). In order for a Talented girl (cosplay, dancing, art, modeling, pinup, and much more) to get her own Patcard a Patboy Card Game player needs to invite her first. Also the talented girl needs to be using a Patcard Link Page in order to receive and accept this invitation.
Once the talented girl has accepted this invitation from het Patcard Link Page Console the player can buy the newly create Patcard in the game and start to play Patboy Card Game with it. The Patcard Link Page allows the Girls to login into to their Patcard and add links, images & services they want to offer to player if they have solved their puzzles. Patcards are unique and are visible online in a browser or in the App.