Patboy Platform
Patcard Service
Patcards allow services which they can provide to their audience. This is possible because the Patcard is not only visible in the app it is also visible on a public link on the world wide web. Below are described the core services Patcards allow models to use for free.

Linkpage Services

Models can add up to 10 links to the Patcard and receive a short Pat.card/url in return. They can customize the appearance of the public card and point to social media platforms or custom domains.

Content Services

Models can add pictures and or movies to the card for Patplayers who either Tab or Buy the Card to see. Models can also interact with Patplayers by posting events or messages which Patplayers can read in the app or online.

Subscription Services

Models are able to define the Tabbing fee which is the price a Patplayer pays when he wants to tab the Card in the App or wants to get access online. Tabbing Fees are always recurring and once a Patplayer ir unable to pay the access will be canceled and the Patplayer will drop the Patcard.